#COP22 – Day 3 ! Nuclear & mitigation scenarios, can we put Nuclear away ?

Third day at COP22, still very exciting.

Can we put Nuclear away from realistic CO2 reduction scenario in order to reach our goals for fighting climate change ?

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COP22 is not only the opportunity to explain to people the benefits of the nuclear energy as a low carbon source, which produces no deadly fine particles, always available no matter the sun is shining or the wind is down, flexible. It is also a place where we can see other’s people views and works. The Nuclear for Climate team has decided to explore more deeply the views on the scenarios that can give us a chance regarding the goals of the Paris Agreement and went to a conference organised by UNEP DTU Paternship (UNEP is the UN Environment Program) : “The Emission Gap Report 2016 – the emissions gap and opportunities for bridging it” with Anne Olhoff from UNEP DTU Patnership, Michel den Elzen from the IIASA, Niklas Höhne from New Climate Institute, Ilmi Granoff from ODI and moderated by John Christensen from UNEP. They presented the report and different scenarios for bridging the gap. In each scenario that can successfully bridge the cap in term of CO2 emissions, Nuclear energy was a part of their solution (the scenario list is available in the slide show below).

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The team then spoke to the CMA – ParisTech (Centre for Applied Mathematics) that is working on electrical mix modelling for different stake holders such as the IEA (International Energy Agency) on the Energy Technology Perspective (ETP). According to the ETP 2016, Nuclear energy is the second biggest low carbon source for electricity generation after hydropower with 2400 TWh generated.

etp2016_nuclearIn particular, they worked for the French parliament to see what would be the optimised electrical mix if France were getting rid of nuclear. Their model showed (before the visible effects of the Energiewende in Germany) that France would have to replace Nuclear by Coal and then do the same as Germany did later. This would have increased French CO2 emissions.

According to the IEA, since 1971 Nuclear prevents 2 years of CO2 emission ! We need every low carbon source to reduce drastically our CO2 emission.

The team visited to the Green Zone with the Civil Society area and the innovations area to exchange with companies and associations.

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