#COP22 – Day 5 ! What is your country policy on nuclear energy?

It is almost the end of the first week and we are wondering what the policies of different countries are on nuclear. We so far had a lot of people coming to the Nuclear 4 Climate booth with questions, getting information or just for a talk. But today beside answering their questions we also asked the question back:

what is your countries policy on nuclear?

day5_3With China building a lot of new nuclear power plants and Germany stopping with nuclear power we can see that the policy over the entire world is very different. In Africa we know South Africa has nuclear power plant. Countries like Kenya, Uganda and Morocco are interested in nuclear power and both started a program to have nuclear power in the future. But what about other African countries?

day5_2When talking to people of the ministry of countries like Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Guinea, Niger. Countries that don’t have nuclear power, they all share the same opinion: Nuclear, that sounds interesting!

Nuclear, that sounds interesting!

All of them want more information. Though they don’t have nuclear now, and their countries policies don’t include nuclear, they are interested in nuclear and think nuclear might be a good solution for the future energy problem their countries are going to face.

Our action at COP22 is not only to make decision makers and citizens think about nuclear as a tool for fighting climate change beside renewables and hydropower. But also to make them defend nuclear for country that wants to stop nuclear and instead implement catastrophic solutions (mainly coal or gas) like Germany.


So far it was a very interesting week, and we are happy that we were able to inform so many people about nuclear. Let’s have another good week of nuclear!


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