#COP22 – Day 6 ! Insights from the Green Zone, where does your ideas on Nuclear come from ?

Today was a busy day in Cop22, specially in the Green zone with a lot more people on site. We have spent the day visiting the booths in the green zone, from the grassroots society organisations to a wide variety of projects and companies’ initiatives.

day6_0We had an interesting conversation with Susan Cooper from the international organisation “Sustaining All Life”. We share the opinion that global action is required to fight climate change, and that very often it’s difficult to encourage collaboration for the cause. We do believe we should be building links, to fight the feelings of discouragement, disempowerment, scepticism…, we believe in the people to make meaningful changes calling up from the Young people, diversity and challenged communities.

Its not very often we have the opportunity to speak directly with an organization that declares itself antinuclear. Mohamed Benata is the President of ESCO, Espace de Solidarité et de Cooperation de L´Óriental and Coordinator of “Ecoloman” –Morocco North Platform. We were attracted by their message banner which made their stance known and wanted to know more about their concerns regarding nuclear energy.

Mohamed explained us that his organisation is very concerned with Fracking, Shale gas and other mineral and mountain rock extractions. Despite the fact that there are no nuclear power plants in Morocco, they are worried about their perceived possible future dangers, such as the population being exposed to radiation, water contamination, and nuclear accidents. They are also worried about Morocco being used as a dumping land for other countries’ nuclear waste.

Nathan asked what would be his opinion if we tell him there is no such radiation affecting the population; what would be his opinion if we tell him that the water coming out from a power plant is clean water; what if we tell him all the deaths he is attributing to Fukushima disaster are not from the nuclear plant or from any radiation but for the tsunami hitting the place; what would be his opinion if we told him some new nuclear reactor technologies can actually recycle the spent fuel for future use;

We told him that we are a group of young scientific professionals that believe in nuclear as a low carbon source of energy which is needed right now to fight climate change, and we are taking the task of communicating to people against myth and misinformation.

We are taking the task of communicating to people against myth and misinformation

We were glad that their group was open to the conversation and we agreed to send him scientific information and articles related to the use of nuclear energy, documents published by the World Health Organisation on the evaluation of Chernobyl with a report of conclusions 20 years after, as well as a range of other studies by leading think-tanks and experts which showed the many details why nuclear energy is an important mechanism to fight flight climate change.

He thanked us for the visit and we had a warm good bye, looking forward to further conversations.


Lastly, we found many interesting projects in the Innovation area that we will keep commenting in the next few days. I just would like to make a comment today on the booth of the company Sidi Ali that is making water bottles 30% out of vegetable material. This is a great advancement which means less plastic waste right now, and one more step in the advance of the technology to a fully biodegradable industry of packaging.


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