#COP23 Day 2 – How do we fight climate change?

How do we fight climate change?

That is the most asked question on COP and also the question that most of the audience has ideas about. One person thinks we should have a full focus on carbon capture, the other one wants only renewable sources and the next person believes in de-centralizing grids.

If answering this question was really easy there would not have been years on studies, conferences, discussion and political issues about the topic. It is a difficult question where we believe that we need to as much as we can, at this moment to fight the climate. Climate change is happening and we need to fight it as fast as we can.

We need all low carbon energy sources to fight the climate, including nuclear.

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We need to invest in research and development (R&D) for every energy sources to get them as clean as possible. We need to improve the economy, the environmental impact of intermittent electricity sources such as Wind or Solar and electricity storage. We need to use nuclear as a flexible tool along with renewable. We need to build new kind of nuclear reactors that can reduce the time and quantity of radioactive waste. We need to invest on new concentrate solar. We need to build new hydro facilities. We need to develop Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as we will have coal and gas for many years to come because it is impossible to get easily and immediately get rid of these dirty electricity or heat sources.

For sure we are running out of time and now we have to face the most important real issue with no comparison to anything that is actually threatening our entire planet from Mar-a-Lago to the Fidji Island : CO2 and other GHGs ! And facing climate change and CO2 emissions means developing massively all the low carbon technologies that are available now and investing in R&D to create new low carbon tools for the future.

Is nuclear energy part of the solution to fight climate change?

That is the topic of today’s conference organised by the Nuclear for Climate team at the Turkish Pavilion, we had representative from scientific societies such as the Dutch Nuclear Society or the European Nuclear Society Young Generation Network or advocacy association Generation Atomic, as well environmentalist NGO “Energy 4 Humanity”. It was a 2 hours talk and exchanges with the public about all the topics of the nuclear energy:

  • Mining of Uranium or the new research of uranium extraction from water for electricity generation or medicine;
  • Radioactive Waste Management from technical questions such as where does it come from ? or what are the solutions that are ongoing such as the long term waste repositery in France, Sweden, Finland, the USA, Canada, the UK …
  • the density and nuclear footprint;
  • the low carbon aspect (16gCO2eq according to 2014 IPCC report)

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Electricity mix that can reach the 2degC goal

During the day, our friend Eric Meyer from Generation Atomic made an interview of 3 students from Colorado University that went to our Nuclear for Climate booth. They made different simulations on climate change and the necessary electricity mix to stay below 2degC and even below 1.5degC, watch this and learn more about their work by clicking on: Interview of young students from Colorado

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