#COP23 Day 3 – Should we use nuclear ?

A busy at COP23 for nuclear energy with yesterday announcement of the French Government about the #GreenNewDeal following the RTE report on scenarios, the press conference of James Hansen & Michael Shellenberger in the Bula Zone and the report from Energy For Humanity

France: going down to 50% nuclear in 2025 would have meant to keep 4 coal plants and build about 20 new gas plants!

In order to to avoid the increase of CO2 emission, the French Government has announced yesterday that the goal of reducing to 50% in 2025 the share of nuclear into the electricity mix, was no longer a priority. It will allow the French Government & Society to focus on real issues such as transportation and heat generation for housing. In the RTE (which is the company that is in charge of the transmission lines in France), the Nuclear Power Plant removal would lead to an increase of CO2 emissions. As you can see in the picture below Mr Hulot’s picture, to get the same amount of energy as a 900MW Nuclear Power Plant, you would need 2700MW of wind farms, 800 MW of combined gas power plant, 4800 MW of solar PV and 1000MW of new electrical lines (RTE report in French).

James Hansen – Nuclear Power? Are Renewables Enough?

The press conference of James Hansen, climatologist and Michael Shellenberger, from Environmental Porgress has been held from 3pm in the Bula Zone speaking the truth to Power. They spoke about the use of energy to reduce climate change and focusing on the facts and figures. Environmental Progress has recently published a new study on the power of energy to efficiently reduce CO2 emissions. M. Shellenberger has presented this report (that can be downloaded here). They compared in different countries the real reduction of CO2 when you add low carbon electricity sources. The conclusion is that

Dr Hansen, grandfather of Climate Change that has for the 1st time expressed that human action was responsible for the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere in 1988, was the second speaker of this press conference and expressed that we now need a pragmatic approach. Using his grandson words and understanding of the climate change issue, he explained that the problem was very simple and why we needed every tool/low carbon sources of energy to create a planet with a high level of development for our children or grandchildren.

Europe’s Climate Leaders and Laggers Revealed

Today was also the day for the press release of Energy for Humanity‘s report on an evaluation of the actual effects of policies in Europe (including Switzerland). Beyond shining announcements made by the different government or decision makers in Europe, you will be able to find what is actually the level of emission of your country using exclusive data from electricity map by Tomorrow that includes the electricity exchanges at the borders. The report can be downloded here or you can come at the Nuclear for Climate Booth at COP23 to read it.


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