Meet us at COP

Nuclear for Climate will be at COP 23 in Bonn

On Tuesday, the 7th of November


at the Turkey Pavilion

Is nuclear energy part of the solution to fight climate change?
Nuclear energy is recognized by the IPCC as “an effective greenhouse gas mitigation option” with life cycle emissions “comparable to most renewables”. The panel will discuss current and future contribution of nuclear in fighting climate change.
The first part will focus on statements from the “Young Generation” and their belief in Nuclear. They will talk about current challenges in the field, talk about new technologies and their involvement in the Nuclear for Climate initiative.
In the second part of the event Energy for Humanity (EFH) will present a new report.
EFH is focused on two of the great environmental and humanitarian challenges we face in this century: how to dramatically reduce carbon emissions to avoid catastrophic climate change within mid-century timescales, and how to enable billions of people to gain increased access electricity in order to achieve modern standards of living. Both of these challenges have one thing in common: the energy we use to power our world.
The urgency of climate mitigation is getting worse by the day. With the CO 2  concentrations in the atmosphere rising at record speeds, we need to take a critical and intellectually honest look at why and how we have largely failed in our attempts so far to decarbonize our economies.
At the end the floor will be open for discussion. The discussion will be moderated.

Speakers: The panel will include climate scientists, environmentalists and nuclear scientists:

  • Kirsty Gogan, UK, Energy for Humanity
  • Wolfgang Denk, Switzerland, Energy for Humanity
  • Petros Papadopoulos, Switzerland, ENS YGN
  • Anouk ter Brugge, Netherlands, Dutch Nuclear Society


  • Eileen Langegger, Austria, Austrian Nuclear Society

Bonn Zone

EVERYDAY, meet us in the Bonn Zone, we will have 2 booth on different topic related to the use of nuclear energy as a powerful tool to fight climate and decrease CO2 emissions :

Booth 1 :

Booth 2 :