Meme contest

Meme Contest is coming!
#meme4climate #nuclear4climate


We are launching a meme initiative and contest in relation to Nuclear Technology’s opportunities, peaceful use and its importance as a mechanism in meeting the climate change goals.

Nuclear Technology has a wide range of use within many countries energy markets, health and innovative research. We would like you to create a meme which makes a comment about any area of nuclear technology, the aim being to share the meme through online social media and other platforms to add to the ongoing awareness and discussions related to nuclear technology.

As nuclear technology has been recommended by many leading scientist and policy makers as part of the solution to flight climate change, this will be the focus of the initial stage of this meme initiative.

UNFCCC CoP21 in 2015 was a momentous achievement on the road to a global strategy to fight climate change, but there is much more work that needs to be done and nuclear energy can play a part in this progress. Therefore, to coincide with CoP22 which will be held in Marrakesh, Morocco, during November 2016 we would like to invitee you to create and submit a meme to highlight nuclear technology and its uses. The memes will be shared via social media and some will be printed and distributed at the Nuclear4Climate booth during CoP22.

3 of the best memes will be chosen and the creator awarded with a small token of appreciation in the form of a 50 Euros gift card for which can be used to donate to a climate change project of their choosing.

To enter the following process should be done:

1. Create a meme.
2. Share the meme on Twitter and/or Facebook using the hashtag #meme4climate.
3. Send an email to with your meme attached, your name, address and contact details.
4. Share and retweet memes from the ENS YGN twitter and Facebook accounts.

We will finish this initial phase of the meme contest on 1st November 2016 and announce soon after which projects the meme creators will be funding.

Thanks and get involved.